Levi, a stunningly handsome blue boy, is about 18 months old. He wants to be included in everything. He does not like being crated, but has done well when left in more of a separate area or room. Levi is a big time kisser, and a hug machine. Housebroken, and good with most other dogs, Levi still has puppy energy, but is through the worst of the puppy phase. A pleaser, he loves learning new commands, as long as it involves getting all the affection he can. With little known about his past, Levi has exhibited some difficult separation anxiety and behavioral issues. He’s spent time at Hunter Canine board and train and has improved greatly. However, at this time Levi needs a highly experienced foster or adopter – someone who is in charge and enjoys ongoing training. Levi is without a foster and is in great need. Please help us help this young boy. If you are interested in fostering or adopting Levi, get in touch at contact@azdoberescue.org.