DHDR Owner Surrender Form

  • If you need to surrender your Doberman and have already visited our surrender process page, please fill out this information with as much detail as possible. We will then email you confirming receipt and will begin looking for a foster home that is a match. This can sometimes be immediate, and sometimes take weeks. We typically aim to find a foster match within a couple days. If you have any questions, please email us at contact@azdoberescue.org before filling out a surrender form.

Surrender Questionnaire

    Surrendering Owners Information

  • Dogs Information

  • Veterinarian Information

  • Vaccination History

  • Vaccination history is extremely important, as over-vaccinating dogs is highly dangerous. We will vaccinate again if we do not have a vaccination history.
  • Disease, Injury, Surgery Information

  • Dogs Observed Behavior and Temperament

  • Your answers will help determine where we place this dog. To give him or her the best chance of a great forever home, please answer honestly and completely. For any of the following questions, use the comment box as needed. Please tell us about any temperament or behavior issues or concerns we should be aware of.