Yeti, age unknown but in his senior years, was a medical pull from MCACC right before the holidays. After some extensive medical and behavioral care, this stunning boy is ready to spread his wings. As with many albinos, Yeti has quite a bit of vision loss and struggles with behavioral issues. At this time, we are searching for a special adopter – a trainer, sanctuary, or other qualified professional – to become Yet’s forever partner. Yeti is not adoptable to the “general public” at this time. Yeti is a loving and wonderful boy who is able to form close relationships with his human(s) – sometimes too close as he will claim/guard his person. Yeti is good with selective male and female dogs with a slow introduction and supervision. He needs a boss. We need your help in giving Yeti a chance. Please share – due to his unpredictable reactivity to both dogs and humans, and his resource guarding, we would love connections to trainers, sanctuaries, and other professionals. More information can be provided for serious inquiries at See more photos of Yeti on Facebook.