Rico is a petite, yet stunning, six-and-a-half-year-old Doberboy. He is a super sweet companion, loves to cuddle, but is also happy just being with you on his doggie bed, puttering in the yard, or out on a nature walk. Rico is most comfortable at home, and he does the most ridiculous happy tornadoes when he arrives back home from an expedition. He is not a “classic” working dog, he is very soft, but he has exceptional manners, will work for cheese (he even appreciates gourmet cheese), and enjoys a few moments every day for some toy time. No doubt, however, his greatest motivator is human touch and love.

Rico is house trained, likes having his nails trimmed, and knows basic obedience. This special boy has significant anxiety, and faced with long hours of crating in the past, Rico did damage to property and himself. Rico’s anxiety is best managed by companionship and minimal change. With an owner home all day, no crating, and patience, Rico has proven to be on his best behavior, loyal, loving, and protective. With the correct introduction, he prefers the presence of one other large calm dog over being alone. No cats or small animals.

Rico is looking for a very special adopter who wants their very own Dober companion and who can help this sweet Doberboy enjoy life with cheese.  See more photos of Rico.

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