Sammy is a stunning three year old, athletic doberboy. He does well with other dogs, people, and cats. Sammy is food-motivated, very smart, and gives new meaning to the phrase “high energy.” He can be too mouthy and jumpy for youngsters. Housebroken and crate trained, Sammy has spent a lot of time training, and is currently working on his Canine Good Citizen certification. This wiggly, fun boy will require a confident yet fair and consistent handler who wants to take him on regular, positive outings, and who is committed to ongoing formal training. He likes water and it will be a requirement that his owner enrolls him in dog sports. Sammy is a true “working” Doberman, and will suffer unfairly if he is not given a job. Sammy’s ideal family will be experienced working dog handlers, with a dedication to developing a fun bond with this special boy. This will often mean a devotion of time and resources to his needs, beyond that of a typical family pet. Sammy must be adopted to a very active family – he will be a highly rewarding and loving dog, and will require a lot of attention.