Babbs is a 2 year old Dober–dream. She is housetrained, gentle, and walks nicely on a leash. Her ears are a crop n’ flop, adding to her snoozy appearance. Don’t let that fool you, she is quite playful. She is most comfortable with another friendly dog and learns from watching her environment. Her little stub starts wagging the minute she sees a dog. She enjoys a short session of play bows, nose pushes and wrestling. Her simple pleasure in life is playing with a tennis ball (or a few). She will then collect up all of her tennis balls, bring them back to her dog bed and settle in for a nap. She likes to sleep in the same room as her family and is quite content snoring away on her dog bed. Babbs seems to enjoy water as she often dips her nose in the pool or “accidentally” falls into the fountain.

Babbs is affectionate with people, quiet, easy to please and enjoys her “down time.” She is the perfect age to learn new tricks and will pick up on your daily routine quickly. Friendly, polite, easy going, this sturdy girl wants to get involved with the entire families activities but wont be the first to jump in. She is learning about the crate now. She will be an easy addition to anyone’s home.