Wyatt, estimated to be 4 years old, was found as a stray – injured, not using his rear leg. His sweet temperament quickly won the heart of those at the shelter. Xrays found that Wyatt had prior knee surgery that did not have the appropriate post-operative care or rehabilitation. He is now able to use his rear leg and walks easily on all fours although has some decreased range of motion in that leg. Once a day he will need medication for his arthritis and regular monitoring by your Veterinarian. He tip toes around the house as quiet as can be, rarely barks and can hypnotize you with his sweet brown eyes. He is beyond the age of silly puppy antics and can be trusted in the home when you are not around. You will come home to find him curled up in the tiniest little circle in a warm spot where the sun comes through the window. He is a gentle soul and wise beyond his years. We don’t know how he initially injured his leg but this cowboy will likely always have little “hitch in his get-a-long” and walk with a limp. It certainly doesn’t slow him down when he hears the dinner bell or when you call out his daily walk. All who wander may not be lost, we think that Wyatt was just out looking for a new family who promises to provide him a security, love and he in turn will always stay close to his “amigo.”

Wyatt adores affection and attaches to his people for security and comfort. He seems to have been handled rough in the past and will scatter at the first inkling of shouting, loud voices and rough movements. He is looking for a calm quiet environment to call his bunkhouse. He is house trained, dog door trained, walks well on a leash, and enjoys having his nails trimmed. He does not kennel well but can be confined to a room behind a pet gate. Wyatt does well with other dogs of all sizes, and just needs to be separated from them when a human is not home as he gets a bit too pushy when he’s left in charge.