Evie is a 1.5 year old sweetheart dubbed “miss manners.” She does well with other dogs and loves people dearly after she warms up. Evie is crate trained, housebroken, and rides well in the car.

Speaking of cars, Evie was hit by a car in early May and has been on her recovery journey ever since. Evie told us she wanted to fight for her life, and we could not say no to her soulful, pleading eyes at the Pima County Animal Control facility. She had a pelvis fractured in 3 places and a blown cruciate on her right hind leg. This brave girl has pushed through to show us she will work to keep that leg and has been so cooperative with all of her rehabilitation. She can now can now bare weight and flip her rear paw over herself. She may need one more surgery for that right knee.

She has a polite, dainty personality for such a young girl. She is initially quiet shy and prefers the company of another dog to bring her comfort and confidence. She learns by watching, so, she likes her canine pal to do everything first and show her the way. When she initially meets new people or situations she hangs back and watches what the other dog does. She will do best with a slow introduction to everything including new people, places and things. You would not think she has such a big personality until you get to know her. Once she settles into her “safety zone” she is playful, cuddly, and loves to be a big part all of the family activities.

After all of her water rehab she will likely enjoy swimming as long as the belly flops and splashing are kept to a minimum. She is looking for a stable, quiet, loyal soulmate family that will help her forget the long recovery path she is on. Evie would appreciate a calm, canine pal to show her the ways of her family but, should not be allowed to jump on her. Her medical situation will be manageable in the short term but remains a work in progress.  This petite 55-pound girl will need to be kept trim, and will always have some battle scars. She may never regain 100% use of her rear limb. The long-term effects of her accident will cause her arthritis as she ages; her little body will not forget she has a plate and 6 screws in her pelvis. Her ideal forever family will be fully committed to supporting whatever future care Evie may or may not need.

Photos by #dhdrkat of #dhdrevie (check out more photos on Instagram by clicking the hashtags!)