Abby, estimated at 3-4 years old, and her small puppy were surrendered to a shelter on July 5th, the busiest day of the year. She was the very best “single Mom” of her little singleton puppy Polly. They were clearly outdoor backyard breeder dogs with both coats covered in mud, ears packed with dirt. Now, it is time for Abby to be the baby as she has dried up and has been spayed. Her baby making days are behind her, now she can focus on a lifetime of worshiping her family.

Abby is an active, spunky Doberman who adores a belly rub. She has never met a human she does not love and immediately wants to become your BFF. She is house-trained and crate trained. She likes to be brushed, bathed, and pampered now that she knows what the comforts of a cushy dog bed and the love of family are all about. She aims to please, and is very treat and food motivated. Abby will make a great training buddy and would excel at nose work, barn hunt, or hide/seek my treat games as long as they involve her people.

She likes the company of other dogs after a slow introduction. She learns by watching the environment around her and does not appreciate a new dog in her face immediately. She has a confident style but once she lets her guard down she appreciates the company of a canine pal. If you talk to her in your best baby voice she will talk back to you holding entire conversations through little howls – we bet you could teach her to say “momma” or “I love you.” Abby will be a velcro Doberman once she forms a bond. You will never be alone so, unless you are ready for an assistant chef, make sure you set your boundaries early or she will be at your feet in every room. She missed out on a lot her first few years in that backyard. She isn’t going to miss another moment of interaction with her family.