Bella P is an awesome 3 year old Dober-girl. She knows basic obedience, is crate trained (though may give you some resistance initially and can at times bark when left alone), is housebroken, and rides well in the car. Bella P loves to play with other dogs large and small; she is a rough and tumble player. She can be dog reactive at first, so she needs a slow introduction to other dogs. She will also need someone open to working with her daily on different reactivity exercises. This girl really loves to learn – a positive, treat-based program has shown to easily set clear boundaries and commands for Bella. In her foster home, she has learned that she has to sit at the threshold of the kitchen (instead of barreling in to counter surf), and has enjoyed gaining structure in her life. She will need an owner who finds training enjoyable to work her brain. Bella is curious with her nose and may do great at dog sports like Nosework and Barn Hunt. As a young Dobergirl, Bella P is looking for an active family that wants to keep her out and about – exercising, socializing, and using her brain. Bella P has done well around older children, and has not been tested around young children. Her former owners indicated she did well with cats, but DHDR has not observed her around cats.

. Photos by #dhdrron of #dhdrbellap (use the hashtags to see more Instagram photos!)


Bella P