Klaus, a 5 month old Doberman, was rescued on Christmas eve and a short time later developed a near deadly pneumonia. He, his foster parents, and our vets fought super hard, and he is now healthy as can be! Klaus is very affectionate and loves to be loved. Right in time for Valentine’s Day, he’s willing to plant a smooch any time you need one. Klaus is full of puppy energy and mischief, too. He is crate trained, and working to master his potty training. He has also started learning basic obedience. Klaus is extremely loving and social at his core, but it is clear that he had a rough start to life with not enough exposure and socialization. Klaus is reactive to other dogs when he first meets them. He is at a critical time in his development, so he will need an adopter that is ready to commit to daily training, positive reinforcement exercises, group classes, and more. He will only be adopted under a contract that requires training with one of our training partners. With just a short amount of training, he improves leaps and bounds. While he may always have some elements of reactivity and any adopter should be prepared for that, we feel optimistic that with the right committed forever family, he can get over the majority of his issues. In fact, we think it would be best if he were adopted into a home with another social, appropriate dog to learn from. We also see that Klaus’ wheels are always turning, so a family that wants to participate in various dog sports will be important for this working boy. If you are up for Klaus’ special needs, and are looking to add an adorable, loving boy to your family, reach out to us now!
Please note that due to his reactivity and training needs, we likely will not adopt Klaus to a home with pre-k children, but are happy to discuss all applicants
Photos by Ron Robertson #dhdrron #dhdrklaus .