Nala is an 11 year old Dobergirl with a face that will take your breath away. She spent most of her time on earth as a supportive companion for someone with Alzheimer’s, until they passed away recently. This sweetheart is gentle, calm, and adores affection. She is housebroken, crate trained, and extensively obedience trained; she even knows hand signals. She does well around other dogs. We have not seen her around cats yet. While Nala does great in the car, she needs help getting in via a ramp or being lifted. This also goes for couches and beds. Nala still has the soul of a puppy and loves a short game of fetch with stuffies, or to play silly games, but this gentle girl can’t do long walks or hikes. At her age, she is in the middle stages of Wobbler Disease, meaning she has some weakness in her hind end. Nala is looking for a loving adopter to live out her golden years with plenty of belly rubs and love.¬†Photos by #dhdrbrittanni of #dhdrnala (use the hashtags to see more Instagram photos!)