Mose is a handsome two year old Doberman with energy to share. This social butterfly is a recovering jumping bean. Mose is crate trained, rides nicely in the car, and is extremely smart; he learns new commands and tricks quickly with treats or toys as his incentive. Small and mighty, Mose is looking for a family that can work on his focus, structure, and impulse control in training and daily life. He is not a “beginner” Doberman, rather he needs someone who knows the breed and things like brain puzzles, mental exercise, dog sports, and physical exercise. He is a dream for obedience, but is a challenge when it comes to ongoing doggy manners. Watching him run at full speed is watching joy in action. Mose is not destructive, but also loves to use his nose. While this does sometimes lead him up to the counters, it also shows great potential for working activities and sports. Mose likes to play with other dogs, but doesn’t have the greatest pup to pup manners. He will do best with a female, more submissive canine partner. Mose will likely do best in a home without cats and would be too much around small children. Everyone who meets Mose absolutely adores his awesome personality! Photos by #dhdrron of #dhdrMose (use the hashtags to see more Instagram photos!)