We are looking forward to matching what we are calling the “Sunday Litter” in loving forever homes. As of the first week in March, they are 9 weeks old. They just came in, and are a bit timid right now, so we will need some time to get to know them.
If you are interested in joining the DHDR Puppy Waiting List, please complete this application as soon as possible. The more detail you can provide in your answers, the better.
Once we get applications in, we will evaluate what kind of home each dog needs, and determine who among our existing puppy list and new applicants may be a fit. You can read more about our full process here. While we don’t know much yet, there are a couple things that we know will be considerations:
– Each puppy will most likely require a training contract, meaning you will sign off on a training commitment with a trainer that is DHDR-approved (we have many approved training partners and are also happy to consider your training partners)
– We do not adopt out puppies to a household with a med-large breed dog of the same sex due to same sex aggression concerns. For example, if you have an adult female large breed dog, we wouldn’t be able to match you with a female puppy.
We look forward to working with you and thank you in advance for your patience!

Sunday Litter Puppies