Many of you have met Gabriel and heard his story. If you missed it, we have provided a link below.

Gabriel is now 5 months and is already a big boy! His broken foot healed, and may have some special needs*. Gabriel is crate trained, house trained, nail-trim trained, and sleeps through the night. He is ultra-cuddly, and constantly underfoot. Even with his “ruff” start to life, his little nub is wagging all the time. He has a keen interest in water and we often find his toys dunked in his water bowl for fun. He loves to play outside, and is a very social boy. He has lived around bigger dogs and other puppies and is always up for a game of “tackle my friends.” Gabriel plays with his treats before he eats them and could spend an hour making sure his Kong toy is free from any additional peanut butter. This boy wants to please both people and dogs but still has that puppy streak in him and plenty of chewing to do, so make sure the whole family is ready for the challenges a puppy can bring. Gabriel will be adopted to a family that is ready to commit to ongoing 1:1 and group training, and ideally a family that has a female canine playmate.

*While Gabriel’s break healed, he does have some tendon laxity. The Orthopedic Vet feels that as his leg grows, this should minimize, but we can’t rule out that he may have to have medical or surgical intervention around 8-9 months+ when his growth plates start to close. Gabriel’s adopter should be ready to have an active pup, but also be prepared that he may have complications with his leg and may never be a long distance athlete.

His story:

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