This sweet 8 year old Albino Doberman is low-key, happy, and loves to be near his people. Gentle taking treats and giving kisses, this gentleman is also crate trained, housebroken and does well in the car. Phoenix does well with other dogs, and has not yet been tiny dog or cat tested. When not enjoying a walk or run at dusk, he loves to play tug and carry his stuffies around. Phoenix will be a great match for someone looking for a mature companion who still likes to stretch his legs. It is also important that Phoenix’s owner understands the special needs of an Albino Doberman. They require things sunscreen or doggie glasses when outdoors, and should not spend extended time in the sun. They also are more likely to develop growths, blindess, hearing problems, and more. Phoenix’s new family must be up for these possible future challenges, and also up for sharing the right message about Albino Dobermans.

Did you know that the DPCA and DHDR strongly oppose the breeding of Albino Dobermans? The genetic defect that causes albinism is a conscious choice, and not an accident. When bred, it is done so without care for the health and welfare of the Doberman. Studies and data prove that Albino Dobermans suffer from significant health issues (photosensitivia, photophobia, blindness, deafness, skin cancer, and more). Many also often have serious temperament and behavior issues*.

Read more from the DPCA here:

It is important that we spread these facts in a kind, yet serious way, so that it is well known how highly unethical it is to breed Albino Dobermans.

*Note that Phoenix has gone through extensive behavior evaluations and monitoring; more so than our standard. We based on initial professional evaluations, unlike many of the Albino Dobermans we take in, he does have a stable temperament.