Bailey is a one year old, all-natural, Albino Doberman. Found in the remote desert with other puppies, she was originally described as somewhat “feral” – as if she had been dumped. Covered in ticks and fleas, the finder searched for possible people, and nursed her back to health. Eventually, she was surrendered to DHDR. Bailey is initially very shy, and still has a whole world to learn about. Once she is comfortable with people, she blossoms into a happy, playful, and curious pup. She is working on obedience training, and being slowly exposed to new things like the washer, vacuum, and sounds of a neighborhood. Bailey gets along well with other dogs and has not been cat tested yet. This cutie is crate trained, housebroken, and rides well in the car. She loves to play with toys, and to nudge her trusted humans for affection.
Bailey is a unique gem, looking for an equally as unique family. Her ideal adopters are patient, stable, and up for both puppy training, as well as special daily exercises to expose her to the world. We believe children, or a hustle and bustle home with a lot of young/teen guests will be too overwhelming for Bailey.
It is also important that Bailey’s new owner understands the special needs of an Albino Doberman. They require things like sunscreen or doggie glasses when outdoors, and should not spend extended time in the sun. They also are more likely to develop growths, blindess, hearing problems, and more.
Bailey presents a special opportunity for a deep bond and unique journey together.