Ravenly is a three year old sweetie who can either hang on the couch all day, or go on a grand outdoor adventure; as long as she is with her human. With a motto of “she fits, she sits,” Ravenly is happy to share your pillow or lap. This girl knows basic obedience and is starting to learn tricks. She does well with other dogs, although she has a rough play style. She is good with cats, and is housebroken. Ravenly loves to roll in the grass and is a blankie sucker. Her velcro and affectionate nature will make her new family feel so loved, and it should also be considered that she doesn’t do as well away from her people. Raven does not do well in a crate and is working on how to handle being left alone. We have high hopes that she can improve leaps and bounds, but she may do best with someone who is home during much of the day to start working with her and training around this. Photos by #dhdrron of #dhdrRavenly (use the hashtags to see more Instagram photos!)