This Albino puppy is goofy, sweet, and ready to be adopted! At 1 year old, Sinatra is goofy, high-energy, and always ready to play. He adores affection, and can’t wait to find a forever person of his very own. This boy is crate trained and housebroken. This boy loves water, and enjoys a good bath! Sinatra has lived successfully in homes with other dogs, but has quite a bit of vision loss. As a result, he can be selective or reactive with some dogs if approached a certain way or overwhelmed. Because of this, we believe Sinatra should be the only dog in the home. He does not enjoy cats. Sinatra is looking for a family that will be committed to continuing on with regular basic obedience training, as well as group classes and positive socialization opportunities. Sinatra will also require life-long special care including care with outdoor time, sunscreen, goggles, regular vet visits to screen for skin cancer, and more.

Did you know that the DPCA and DHDR strongly oppose the breeding of Albino Dobermans? The genetic defect that causes albinism is a conscious choice, and not an accident. When bred, it is done so without care for the health and welfare of the Doberman. Studies and data prove that Albino Dobermans suffer from significant health issues (photosensitivia, photophobia, blindness, deafness, skin cancer, and more). Many also often have serious temperament and behavior issues*. We love all Albino Dobermans, but must ensure we put an end to breeding of these dogs.

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*Luckily for Sinatra, our evaluations show that he is one of the few not experiencing any serious temperament or behavior issues.