Lolaa is a 2 year old Dobergirl. She’s more than just a soft and shiny coat. Lolaa is housebroken, settles nicely in the car, and knows her basic obedience. She can be shy with new people, and takes a couple days to warm up. Once she trusts you, she will be your shadow, always happy to wag her nub and shower you with kisses. Lolaa is the right mix of everything; well behaved, yet naughty enough to give you some good laughs. With the correct introduction, Lolaa does well with other dogs and cats. Lolaa previously had issues with being left alone, and is working hard on overcoming those. While she has already made great progress, we believe her ideal adopter will not be away from home all day and will have patience in her continued crate training. She is also a great candidate for advanced training. Lolaa ADORES spikey balls, and carries them everywhere.