Ivy, almost 2, is a happy-go-lucky girl who does not let something like losing her vision get in the way of her living her best life. She loves people and frequently seeks attention although she can entertain herself shaking toys to and fro. She is curious and relies on her nose even more than your typical dog. When she is especially happy, she will curl her lips, show her front teeth and grin the silliest of grins while her tail nub wags at supersonic speeds. She does well with other dogs, and needs to be supervised as she is unable to pick up on visual cues. We believe she could do well with cats if a very slow introduction is followed, due to her vision impairment. Similarly, when meeting new people she tends to be cautious as she cannot see them very well and will sometimes ‘startle’ when either in an unfamiliar place, approaching an unfamiliar object, or sometimes when meeting unfamiliar people. She will need some minor accommodations because of her limited sight and we are adding some special commands to her training vocabulary. We are also working with specialists to determine if there is any chance of surgical improvement. Ivy adores affection, is good in the car, is crate trained, and already knows basic obedience. If you are interested in this special girl, email contact@azdoberescue.org. Photos by #dhdrron of #dhdrIvy (use the hashtags to see more Instagram photos!)