Katy is estimated to be a 2 year old old all-natural Doberman. This tiny girl was confiscated from a cruelty situation and is doing very well! She gets along well with other dogs, and is working on her crate training. She loves the crate, but gets a little pouty when the door is shut. This cutie is relatively calm and very sweet. Because of what she has been through, a slow decompression and “get to know you” time will be important for her. Katy knows no basic obedience or leash manners, so this girl is looking for an active family dedicated to training. In addition to manners, she needs someone who can teach her how to be a dog in a household; what are toys and what are pants, why can’t I jump on that counter, and where are all the places I am allowed to snuggle with my person (everywhere!). Photos by #dhdrron of #dhdrkaty (use the hashtags to see more Instagram photos!)