Pip is a 3 month old happy and brave all-natural Doberman puppy. Bred by a BYB, Pip was seen as the “runt” and given away at 1.5 weeks of age. Due to some sort of early trauma to his head, he is now permanently blind. Pip doesn’t realize his limitations. He still loves to play with other dogs, and play bow at the ducks in his foster home. Sometimes, this can be overwhelming for other dogs as he can’t see where he is aiming his exuberance. He will do best with a tolerant, playful partner. He is crate trained and already working on his basic obedience. Often, puppies taken from their litter far too soon experience early behavior challenges. Pip is currently working through sharing resources and controlling his play more politely. His foster home is doing an incredible job, and he will require an experienced adopter willing to continue daily in-home and weekly group training.