Pancakes is so sweet, she doesn’t even need syrup. This plump girl is a 4.5 year old Albino Doberman, who is working to lose about 30 pounds. She is incredibly calm and agreeable. She loves treats, even if they are veggies or ice cubes! Pancakes loves to take naps, cuddle with her people, and play fetch with her squeaky piggy. As she loses more weight, we believe she will become more active. Pancakes walks nicely on a leash, rides well in the car, and can be left free in the house when you are gone. She is also familiar with the crate. Pancakes knows basic obedience, and is working on new tricks in her foster home.

Albino/white is not a color allowed by the DPCA, and is an unethical color to breed. Pancakes recently had 36 growths removed and recovered wonderfully. In the future, she will need protective clothing, eyewear, and sunscreen when she spends time outdoors. She will also need more regular vet checkups. As Albinos age, they can have vision or hearing issues. Currently, Pancake sees and hears quite well.