Sashah, aka the Happy Hippo, is a 9 year old blue Doberman. She is about 25 pounds overweight but happily devours her weight management prescription diet. She will feel much better as she slims down to her goal weight. She is a quiet and easy dog, only barking when she needs to alert you to something. Inside she loves to nap, and digs a bit to make sure her bed is “just right” for a long nap. Sashah loves a leisurely stroll around the block and walks nicely on a leash. She is good with other dogs or happy to be alone. She tends to bump the people she loves for attention. Strangers will cause her to go and hide, so make sure when guests come she has a place to go away and quietly watch from a distance as she warms up. Sashah is gentle and sweet, but isn’t looking for a busy lifestyle, she wants to have a couple comfy spots to choose to nap and a leisurely retirement from being a backyard dog.