Gravy is a 5 year old Albino Doberman. This handsome boy is everyone’s favorite snuggler – he is so loving, and so playful. Gravy is the perfect mix of chill and active. He is housebroken, knows basic obedience, and rides nicely in the car. Gravy does well with other dogs, and is not a match for cats. Gravy prefers the company of mature humans, and doesn’t enjoy the extra small variety as much. This special boy fills everyone he meets with happiness.

Albino/white is not a color allowed by the AKC or DPCA. It does not happen by accident – ethical breeders ensure they never breed with this genetic mutation. When Albinos are bred, the breeder is at best unethical, and at worst driven by greed. Albino Dobermans suffer from health issues (intolerance to sun, skin cancer, and more). It is cruel to breed Albino Dobermans, and once you know this information (so many don’t know), supporting those breeders is also cruel. Gravy will be a great opportunity for someone to use to educate others. He will need sunscreen or outfits to protect him from the sun, and will likely need surgery every couple years to remove skin growths.