Do I Qualify?

Our Policies Aim to Rule You In, Not Out

DHDR exists to place Dobermans in good homes; we view ourselves as your allies. Our policies are meant to rule you in, not rule you out.

The following time-tested policies are designed to protect both you and our beloved breed.

  • You and all members of your family are ready and eager to adopt, provided the right dog is available.
  • You are at least 18 years of age and are legally able to enter into binding contracts in the state of Arizona.
  • All members of your household are 8 years of age or older. Due to insurance-related policies, DHDR is generally not able to adopt adult Dobermans to families with children under the age of 8. Families with children of any age, including those under 8, may apply to adopt a puppy under the age of six months. (Learn about the Puppy Waiting List here).
  • If you rent or have community restrictions, you can present a letter on letterhead stationery from your landlord or Home Owners’ Association (HOA) allowing you to keep a Doberman Pinscher at your residence.
  • You can afford to care for your Doberman independently. (Expect to spend at least $1k per year on food, medical care, supplies, grooming, treats, toys, bedding, etc, not counting emergency care.)
  • If you have a yard, it is completely fenced, your fence is at least 5′, preferably 6′, high and in good repair, and your outside gates are always securely locked. Your fenced area does not contain Sago Palm, or other plants deadly to dogs.
  • Note: we do process applications from apartments/condos, and want to set expectations that  the wait will be longer as it is not all that common we find rescue Dobermans that are a fit for apartment/condo living due to barking, exercise, etc. When we do approve apartments/condos, we are looking for active owners interested in things like dog sports. We also require that the dog does not have unsupervised access to patio areas. We do not adopt young puppies to apartments/condos due to the need for sterile potty and exercise areas before all shots are complete.
  • Your current dogs are licensed and micro-chipped.
  • You can afford an adoption fee ranging between $150 and $450, depending on the rescue’s age, condition, appearance, and training.
  • You keep your pets as indoor pets.

Other helpful tips:

  • Generally we prefer to place dogs within a day’s drive of Phoenix. If there are in-state adopters interested in a dog, we will always adopt to someone equally qualified in-state first. For dogs who may not be adopted in state or have been waiting longer to find their homes, we do allow out of state adoptions in NM, TX, CO, UT, NV, and CA. These dogs typically are those with behavioral or health problems. If you are an exception we require you drive to Arizona for the meet and greet with any dogs you have. You would also be required to drive the dog back to Arizona in the event of a return. Because this policy can be a bit complex, please email us to discuss before submitting an out of state application.
  • We rarely place a male under 2 with another large-breed male dog under 2, or a female under 2 with another large-breed female dog under 2. Learn more about Same Sex Aggression.
  • We rarely place a Doberman in a home that utilizes public off-leash dog parks regularly. Learn more about the dangers of dog parks.
  • We will refuse to adopt to anyone when we believe that is in the Doberman’s best interests.
  • By contract, the Doberman we adopt to you must be returned to DHDR if at any time you wish to relinquish him or her.

If you understand, accept, and meet these criteria, you qualify to begin the adoption process. Learn more about our process and apply today!

If you’re a capable, conscientious, and responsible dog person with a suitable and safe home, we want you to succeed. Contact us with any questions.


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