Thank you for attending a Dobersports: Trick Dog Class!

Did you catch Ricky Bobby and his daughter, Fury, on the TV Series Walking Dead (Season 5 Episode 10) or movie The Boss (2016) and think I wish my Doberman could do that? Well now you can get started! Trick is one of the most inclusive dog sports accepting all dogs regardless of breed, size, or disability. The greatest thing about trick is that you can do most, if not all, of the training in your home!

After your trick introduction, continuing training is simple! There are a plethora of online videos and many books on Amazon. If you prefer the class environment, we recommend continuing with Jean Burton. If Jean is not in your area, you may look at  our partner trainers such as Marilee Cole. Or, Arizona Dog Sports may also be a great resource. Lastly, you can find a full list of certified DMWYD trainers here.

Each title level lays out an extensive list of tricks and you choose which tricks you want to perform. You’ve been practicing and you’re ready to show off your dog. Find a CGC approved evaluator or DMWYD (Do More With Your Dog) evaluator to witness. This evaluator can sign off on your tricks and then you send the application to DMWYD to earn those three letters after your Doberman’s name.

Once you earn your first trick dog title you can move onto competing in Stunt Dog trials. If you earn a Novice Trick Dog title (TKN or NTD) you can compete in the Stunt Dog trail in the Novice class. Only one leg is needed to earn the Stunt Dog title. There is a trial being hosted in Tucson at the Fairgrounds in November 2018! If you are interested in pursuing Stunt Dog status please visit DMWYD for more information.

If you and your dog had fun with Tricks, you could next try Dobersports Agility or Rally Obedience. Stay tuned for upcoming offerings!