Environmental Dangers for Dobermans in Arizona

Being aware of dangers in your dog’s environment could save their life (and potentially save you from expensive vet bills).


Sago Palms

Sago Palms are extremely toxic to dogs, and often cause death. DHDR strongly recommends, and often requires, that backyard areas be cleared of Sago Palms before a Doberman comes home. Read more about Sago Palms



Oleanders are highly toxic to dogs. If possible, it is recommended that Oleander be removed. Many times, we recognize that Oleander is so widespread, it is difficult to remove. DHDR typically requires the removal of Oleanders, due to the death of multiple adopted Dobermans in the past. Read more about Oleander and dogs.
There are quite a few other Toxic Plants in Arizona such as Lantana and pencil cactus. Be sure to read up!



A rattlesnake bite can cause extreme pain, serious injury, or death to your Doberman. If you live or play in an area that may have snakes, consider these tips for prevention:
  • Hire an expert to help you Snake Proof your yard.
  • If you are in a high-risk area, consider supervising your pet when out back.
  • Keep up on pest control and landscaping to eliminate food sources and potential homes for snakes. Remove woodpiles and junk piles from your yard.
  • Talk to your veterinarian about the Rattlesnake Vaccine.
  • Consider snake avoidance training carefully. Work with a LIMA trainer to determine if snake training is right for your individual Doberman. Depending on your Doberman’s drive, pain tolerance, and learning style, snake avoidance training may be helpful or very detrimental. There are different approaches to snake avoidance training, and one size should not fit all.

Coyotes / Javelina 

While a Coyote typically will not pick on a Doberman, there is always a danger of multiple Coyotes jumping into a yard, or targeting a weaker dog. If you have coyotes in your area, be aware of what supervision your dog will need in the back yard. There are also services that help you install Coyote prevention on your fence.
Javelinas should also be considered when you are out on a walk. They typically will avoid dogs, unless they feel threatened, so be aware of their young and ensure you can protect yourself on walks.


Insects like spiders and scorpions can cause pain to your pet. Keep up on pet-friendly pest control to avoid creating a haven for insects. Mosquitoes can carry life-threatening Heartworm Disease, so be sure to keep your dog up to date on Heartworm Prevention medication (which is required in our adoption contracts).