Find a Doberman in Arizona

There is more than one way to ethically find a Doberman for your family! Check out some options below:


  • Doberman has been behaviorally evaluated and has been living in a foster home.
  • Doberman has received full vet exam(s) and care.
  • Custom matchmaking process to match you with what you want.
  • Ongoing support & resources. Guaranteed to take dog back.
How To:

Start the Application process here!

PS – Check out neighboring rescues:

County or Private Shelter

  • Save a Doberman in dire need.
  • Take Doberman home right away.
  • Very short approval process.
  • Many loving Dobermans at shelters.
  • Little to no behavior evaluation.
  • Personality & matching factors unknown.
  • Minimum level of upfront vet care.
  • Little to no return process, must re-surrender.
How To:
  • Search aggregator of shelters and rescues
  • Join the DHDR Facebook group (we cross-post shelter Dobermans).
  • Visit local shelters such as Maricopa County Animal Care & Control, Arizona Humane Society, AAWL, Humane Society of Southern Arizona, Pinal County, and more.

Ethical Breeder

  • Extensive genetic & behavior history known.
  • Young puppy: able to build a healthy foundation so behavior issues less likely.
  • Behavior and medical evaluations completed to match dogs with correct buyer.
  • Quintessential Doberman look.
  • Ongoing support and guaranteed to take dog back. 
  • Thorough application process.
  • Potentially longer wait or waiting lists.
How To:


Be sure in your search for a Doberman, you do NOT support unethical breeders, and consider the risks of privately re-homed dogs on Craigslist or Facebook.