Surrender Process

Surrender Process & Online Form


We are so sorry to learn that you are considering surrendering a Doberman. We know that this is a painful and very difficult decision. Thank you for considering rescue, as private sales, re-homes to friends, transfers, or craigslist postings can be very dangerous for Dobermans.

If you must give up your Doberman, we will work with you compassionately, and  will accept your Doberman if our resources permit.

If you’ve already read through alternatives to surrendering your doberman,  please review our surrender process below:

  • Step 1: To begin communication about surrender with DHDR, please fill out and return this online surrender form, including photos. Please provide as much detail as possible – the more detail, the more likely it is we will find a foster. This does not mean you are surrendering, yet. It is just the informational first step. If you want to talk to us via email or phone before filling out the form, please contact us.
  • Step 2: After we receive the form DHDR contacts (we aim to get back to you immediately, but we are a 100% volunteer-run organization). We provide support and if surrender is your only option we discuss next steps, answer any questions, and begin the search for the right foster home within our rescue.
  • Step 3: If we are able to find a foster home, we work to coordinate an evaluation/surrender date and location. This can sometimes be same-day, and can other times take longer. Prior to intake, we complete a surrender evaluation of your Doberman.
  • Step 4: Once a Doberman has been surrendered to us and the surrender paperwork has been signed, we start the confidential new placement process. The Doberman is medically and behaviorally evaluated and treated as necessary. They are then placed in a loving foster home for socialization, observation, and basic obedience training. We follow a strict and careful adoption process to ensure the doberman is placed with the perfect, loving, forever match.

Please note that title, license number (if licensed), health history, and full formal veterinary records are important to share. Over-vaccinating a dog can be very dangerous for his or her health. Feel free to also bring any belongings that you can donate to us – crates, leads, bedding, toys, treats, food, and more.

A surrender fee is NOT required. However, it is appreciated on an optional basis. We understand that some do not have the means at the time of surrender, so this is why our surrender fee is NOT required. We do ask that when you are back on your feet, you someday make a donation to DHDR if possible.

Returning a dog to a surrendering former owner is a very, very rare event: The reasons that people surrender a dog don’t disappear overnight. We will carefully evaluate this request on a case-by-case basis, but if we agreed to accept a dog in the first place, it is because you and we thought that there were no better alternatives for the Doberman. That may sound harsh, but think of it this way: Our first commitment is to the Doberman. We follow the same general guidelines that apply to human adoptions, and for the same reasons.

We understand that you are making a very tough decision and we are not here to judge you. We ask that you think it through and share your concerns and situation as frankly as possible. If we can help you, or answer any questions, please contact us.

If you are not able to complete the online form and would like a PDF or word version of the surrender form, please email