You’re Needed

Ways to Support
Desert Harbor 
 Doberman Rescue of AZ


Rescue may be voluntary, but it ain’t cheap! In this section, we tell you why we need your support and exactly how you can help.  This is your chance to see rescue from the inside and find the best way you and your family can save Arizona’s neediest Dobies.

Why should you support us? We can think of at least eleven good reasons:

1. You love Dobies
2. You believe in the job we do but you can’t do it yourself
3. You hate to think of a good Dobie put down
4. You want to save Dobies from abuse and neglect
5. You respect well-run organizations doing good work for zero profit
6. You endorse the concept of volunteering
7. You are devoted to the Doberman breed
8. You believe dogs are an important part of the family experience
9. You know we can’t do this without you
10. Your donation may be tax deductible. See your tax advisor for details

Last but not least —

11.  You’re a Doberman lover. If you don’t, who will?

For more information about exactly how you can help save a Dobie, please visit our Donate, Support, and Volunteer pages.