Bambi is an 8 year old fawn Dobergirl. Quirky, loving, and special, Bambi is looking for just the right forever family. She is crate trained, and also does very well being left uncrated. Bambi adores attention from her people, but won’t smother you with her love. She’s still spunky for 8 years old and does cute happy prances when she gets excited. Where most dogs get zoomies, Bambi spins in place (the more excited she is, the faster she spins). She is on gabapentin for her arthritis and feels great. Bambi loves all the people that she’s met while in foster, and she’s very trusting with new people.  She also adapts to new surroundings well – within a day at her foster home, she knew where the door was to go outside to go potty and would walk around by the door to ask to go out. She also snuggled right in to her new beds with no hesitation. Bambi would be happy as the only dog, or in a home with tolerant dogs that will respect her boundaries. Email to learn more about Bambi and her needs.