Alpine is a super-sweet 2 year old Doberman. This cutie does well with other dogs, is housebroken, crate trained, and knows basic obedience. Alpine can be quite shy, and needs patience in meeting new people. After she warms up, she will never leave your side, and adores a good snuggle. Alpine loooves food, and is learning to wait before she dives into her meals. While doing so, her nub begins to wag, her bum begins to shake, and she almost falls over out of excitement. She also enjoys swimming and playing fetch, unique things not always found in Dobermans. Alpine does well with teens, but is scared of kids. “Ali” is looking for a family that is active, loving, and understand of her need to take new people slow. Photos by #dhdrron of #dhdralpine (use the hashtags to see more Instagram photos!) If you are interested in Alpine, email